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Effective administration contributes to productivities increase

Administrative procedures often take off a precious time that would be more productive using it in the main company’s activity. This is even more important the smaller the size of the company is and its number of employees.

There are several processes, such as its turnover processing, organization, control and filing documents, the request for records and certificates or official entities requests.

With our assistance, you can recover much of the time spent in those tasks.

We assist you with the organization of documents with simplified procedures. You might want to have an invoicing service and control of your accounts payable and accounts receivables.

Also you can have our support whenever you need secretarial services in processes related to changes in the social contract, such as a change of the registered office, changes on companies’ directors, shares transfers, or who organises the minutes of the shareholders meetings and the minute books, or clarification of companies’ legal issues.

Services for your business

  • Billing and Accounts
  • Documents Organization
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Timing of General Meetings
  • Corporate Acts and its Registration
  • Legal Advice on Commercial Law


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