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The set of accounting, taxation and management support we provide to your business is much wider than the simple tax compliance and legal obligations.

Through the regular monitoring of our technicians, we guarantee the accounts and the quality of the financial information, since its record phase, until the data analysis and control phases. Provide periodic financial reports with well-structured and simple readable graphical display, allowing you to easily control the critical business performance variables.

We are proactive, acting in order to improve the tax efficiency, taking advantage of tax deductions, exemptions and tax breaks legally in force. We understand that minimizing your tax liabilities maximizes your cash flow to invest in your business and keep you on track to your financial goals.

Our services support the management of human and administrative resources, assures you organization, agility and accuracy in information processing. In addition to the routine tasks we promptly clarify all your issues related to Labour Law and Social Security.

We guide and represent your company before the Tax Authorities, Social Security, banks and other institutions. We free up the scarce and valuable resource nowadays, your time, and thus be able to focus more on your business growth.

We establish the most demanding criteria in all areas of activity.
Manuel Coelho (General Manager)

Where we provide services

If you prefer that all the accounting procedures are performed by external experts in outsourcing mode.
We use our resources and software, we record all documentation in our facilities.
We share all information according to your needs. Our multidisciplinary team is always available to assist you with the management of your business.

Your company needs an accountant in Lisbon to monitor and oversee the financial function.
The working space, information, resources and software, are centred in your company. We assume all the support and accountability of the chartered accountant, coordinate and control all financial processes of your company. Our professional’s visits to your facilities have the required periodicity. We continually monitor your company’s ERP system using remote access.

Appropriate cost

We practice transparent and competitive prices.

The monthly fee is agreed in advance and includes unlimited access to all services under the service contract.
We do not hide fees or charge additional fees, unless exceptionally extra-contract services and always in agreement with the customer.

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