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Effective Information support is essential for people management

Human resources management has underlying a wide range of legal issues and administrative proceedings that require expertise within the Labour Law and Social Security. Payroll processing, the reporting obligations before the official entities, management of labour contracts, the daily questions about the rights and duties of employees.

People are the key factor in all organizations. Motivated people, competent and goal-oriented people, are crucial for increasing the competitiveness of companies.

Focus on motivating your employees and guide them to achieve your company’s goals. Joining to us, your company assures the correctly payroll processing, the fulfilment of all legal obligations a guarantee of obtaining the necessary informations for the efficient management of human resources.

We advise on Labour Law and regularly inform you about all the facts and relevant legal changes to the human resources management of your company.

Services for your business

  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Statements for Social Security
  • Admission and Ending of Employees Contracts
  • Hiring Incentives
  • Work Contract Management
  • Information About Labour Law and Social Security
  • Legal Advice on Labour Law


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