Whom We Provide Services

We work with clients from a variety of industries.

Our main assignment is to provide a wide range of accounting services to small and medium businesses with market ambitions.

Our commitment is to contribute to your growth. We work with clients from a variety of industries, scale and nature. Independent professionals, entrepreneurs, small and medium companies and non-profit organizations.

We build up with each client a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust and continuous cooperation.

Small and medium businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs

We offer a wide range of accounting services for start-ups and ongoing companies.

We hold a vast knowledge of the challenges faced by small businesses from the beginning of its operations. We provide consultancy during the legal constitution, internal organization and the choosing process of a suitable accounting system to your business.

If you decided to create your own job, we can help you develop a good business plan, essential tool for planning the expansion of the business and give you a greater chance to obtain bank financing or financing from the European Union programs. If your company is already in business, may require a more prompt financial and taxation support. In an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment our supporting team to your management is always available to answer your general questions and about all relevant information and legal changes.

Our approach is designed to help improving efficiency, increase profitability and generate the growth of your company.


Independent professionals and freelancers

We offer a full range of accounting services to independent professionals working in several, activities: Medical doctors, architects, engineers, consultants, and other self-employed professionals.

We have solid expertise on tax, legal and administrative issues faced by independent professionals. Help you decide on the most favourable tax regime and ponder the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent professional or starting a company.

We provide you with tax advice and deal with your company’s accounting setup, leaving you more time to focus exclusively on its core business.

Non-profits Organizations

We offer a full range of accounting services to IPSS (Private Social Solidarity Institutions), associations, foundations, clubs or other non-profit organizations.

For the non-profit entities, is critical to dispose of quality information about their financial position and performance, for both your management control, as to respond the requests from its members and partners.

The particularities of the Accounting Standards Board for Non-profit organizations and the specific tax rules, requires that, associations, foundations or any other entities develop services in the areas of accounting and taxation, doing it so by management option or by legal demands.

We are the ideal partner to treat all your financial reporting and tax matters of your association or foundation. As our customer, guarantee the transparency of financial reporting, strict compliance with legal obligations, and increase the time availability for the Management to devote to social activities.


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