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Business Plan

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The setup of a new business entails many challenges, from the “great idea” phase until its implementation. The future success of the business depends essentially of good planning and the needed effort to implement it.

Planning is to deepen the initial idea. Define and explain what is the concept of the business and its competitive advantages, what are the current trends, what is your market, who are your clients, what strategy will be adopted, including the key crucial factors for the project to succeed, the team you will work with, if the project have economical and financial viability and how it will be financed.

Your business plan sets up your goals and the best strategy to achieve them. Your management consultant is the ally that you cannot dismiss in this process.

In Mentor Gest, we advise on the development of the Business Plan, from its main frame, about its contents and its viability analysis.

The Business Plan is your business presentation to lenders, the incentives management entities and other partners. We strive for your success.

Services for your business

  • Business Plans
  • Company’s Legal Constitution
  • Choose Accounting and Company Type
  • Drafting Statutes
  • Internal Organization Advice


Company set up

Before starting the business, the entrepreneur has to decide on the most appropriate legal form, it will carry on business as a self-employee or will create a company. Ponder the most advantageous tax regimes. Define the most appropriate structure for the company. Prepare its internal organization.

Our experienced accountants and management consultants will help you decide on the framework that best suits your needs and legally setting up the company and start operating efficiently.

We support entrepreneurs during the creation of their new businesses, market entry, and monitor its growth.
We give to start-ups a monthly fee reduction during the first year of activity.

The accounting software system

To record your business transactions is essential to have a good accounting software system, regardless your firm size. It is very important to have comparable periodic reports with economic, financial and tax information of your business.

During the initial phase of your business, to invest time in finding a good professional advice can be crucial to the sustainability and the future of your company.


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